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Exit the Registry Editor window andrestartyour system. The Windows Update Medic Service is now disabled from your computer. Once you download Windows Update Blocker, extract the zip file and runWub_x64.exeand install it into your system. So you should mark the executable file or confirm that executable file’s ownership.

  • It even has a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try it out risk-free.
  • Follow the steps given on their official website to do so.
  • It’s essential to know how to clear your website data because an iPhone virus can still live in this form of storage.
  • If this is your only choice, make sure all of your important documents, pictures and information are backed up to a secondary device or the cloud.

It’s true, deleting the app is just one step really. But at least it shows that you’re not actively using it and in order to see or use it you’d have to re-download it all over again.

About this issue

If there are pending updates found, then download and install them accordingly and finally restart the PC. Microsoft introduced the Windows Update Medic Service (WassMedicAgent.exe) for the first time in Windows 10 as a helper service to offer a better Windows updating experience.

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All users should avoid infringing copyright laws to avoid legal trouble. And that should finish the registration process. 1337x normally does not require users to verify email addresses. But if 1337x does send a verification email, simply log in to the provided email address and click on the verify link in the message from 1337x. The steps users need to take to use the 1337x torent site are given below.

Restore from an iCloud or computer backup

You need to buy, download and install anti-malware software, which will do the job. Most protection software comes with different features. These apps can scan all kinds of malicious software, uninstall/delete it, and protect your phone from future attacks. IPhones are less susceptible to viruses because you can only download apps from the official app store, where all apps had been screened and approved. Also, all iOS apps are sandboxed, which means they can’t access data from other apps or your device. Apple also releases updates for all its devices simultaneously. As you just read, there’s no way to scan and check for malware or viruses on your iPhone.

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